What is a Creative Kid? 
One who acts independently 
Assumes responsibility 
Takes pride in their accomplishments 
Tolerates frustration 
Attempts new tasks and challenge 
Handles positive and negative emotions  
Offers assistance to others 
Handles peer pressure appropriately 
The old way of thinking 
    • The old way of thinking stated that real learning came from the three "R"s
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic 
What we know now about the creative kid 
    • We know that developing the ability to think creatively and problem solve makes for a much more effective learner
    • Before the age of five is the best time to start developing these skills  
    • It is best to introduce this type of creative problem solving from the very beginning while children are at their creative peak
    • This type of thinking is an extremely effective way to build self-confidence and self-esteem that will follow them through into adulthood
    • AND... it's lot's of fun!!  


    This site is made up of two very different areas...

Creative Parenting - one designed to help parents understand how creative projects at home are the ultimate way to  encourage a healthy self confidence an their children. 

For Kids' Only (Under construction will be ready for kid surfing in November) - Full of fun new experiences that will keep them coming back for more... Creative writing; Creative Games, Creativity with Music, the Creative CooK, the Creative Artist... Contests, Fun, Games.